What if your
child had a place for everything?

ChildCaps is a specialized and unique platform that works with institutions that provide services and products to children ranging in age from newborn to 18 years.

Where does Child Caps come from?
Child Caps is a combination of the words child and caps. Child refers to the generation that this platform is concerned with, whereas Caps refers to the child’s interests, hobbies and pastimes. Families use the Child Caps App to take their children on a (shopping) trip, selecting different Caps that fit their children and adding their favorites to their My Caps list. A child who has amassed a collection of favorite Caps will enjoy showing them off to his or her peers. At some point in their lives, children will change their minds, and they will embark on a new adventure in search of new caps that fit them somehow.

Application with
all your child needs

Make it right.
It really makes a difference.
Pick the Caps Up and enjoy the Journey.

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Making it easier for children’s families to reach and contact you

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We are making it much easier to effectively promote your child-friendly services and products.

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Through the review, you will know people’s perceptions of your services and work to improve them.


We make it simple for you to post advertisements through us.


When you announce an event through your entity, it will be displayed directly on the Child Caps App.

Followers on social media ++

We are making it much easier for others to find you on social media and keep track of the products you offer .

Stop wasting money

There's no need to spend a lot of money on social media advertisements. Child Caps allows you to reach out to your target customers directly in one step.

Business Growth

We are increasing the awareness of the offers you provide resulting in a growth in your business.

Expand customer base

Child Caps helps you grow your customer base after a customer receives a service from your entity. User’s data will be directly transferred to your account, and you will be able to notify them about your new offers, ads, events, and services.

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A child’s Education, Health, Sport, Entertainment, Skills, and many others?!
ChildCaps is the obvious platform.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Through mobile apps, you can only create an account as an end user, parents, families, or anyone who cares about children.

Install the app on your iOS or Android device and register with a valid mobile number. We'll send you a verification code via SMS to ensure it's your real phone number, which you must enter to sign up. If you do not receive the SMS with the code, you can call us.

Yes. You can rate and leave feedback on previous entity visits. Simply go to the entity page's 'My Caps' tab and click on a rating function to rate/review.

If you need to reach us, please send us an email or give us a call.