Digi2Gold Services Company

Digi2Gold is a Jordanian company has been established in 2022, and driven by its mission to assist the organizations to innovate their business models in order to ride technological waves and capitalize on opportunities in hypercompetitive markets. We believe it is our responsibility to deliver our vision to all organizations and businesses so that they can digitalize their markets, services, and products and change the way they do business, an d to use the technology to transform how businesses interact with customers and other stakeholders across their various areas, services, and markets.

While there are numerous advantages to digitalize your business processes, they vary depending on your organization goals, there are certain benefits that digitalization always brings when done correctly: lower cost, less manual work, fewer errors, visibility, control over company spend, control over cash flow, and data-informed decision making. It is understandable that organizational changes can be overwhelming. Our recommendation is to examine one process, identify areas for improvement, and embark on your digitalization journey with us, changing the traditional way your services and products will shine so brightly at the pinnacle of Gold.

Our Product

Child Caps

Child Caps is our first product, and it’s a specialized and unique platform that works with institutions that provide services and products to children ranging in age from newborn to 18 years. Not only in a little area but also on a large scale, people will be able to recognize all institutions, organizations, entities, and facilities as ones that offer assistance to children. Increasing awareness of the services offered will result in a rise in the service provider’s regional market share.


Contact Information


Amman - Jordan Gardens -Wasfi Al Tal St. Yathreb Commercial Complex, No 41, office No.9